About Us

The Turke is a group of ex-sportsmen who aim to raise support and awareness for disabled sport.

The Turke Club was established in 1989 by ex-sportsmen, who resolved to sow back all the years of pleasure that participation in sporting activities had given them. Today we consist of a diverse group of businessmen and ex-sportsmen with the same passion and commitment and our main aim is raising support and awareness for disabled sport.

We do this by participating in disabled sporting events as “able-bodied” guests, raising funds and simply spending time with the disabled sportsmen and women.

In the past we have given our support to numerous disabled men, women and organisations in South Africa, by assisting them in organising events, sporting activities and financially.

We raise substantial amounts of money annually through our various activities all of which are channelled to assist in our quest of “Enabling Disabled Sport”. Over the years this has added up to hundreds of thousands of rands being utilised to help BIG hearts achieve GIGANTIC dreams. See our Upcoming Events section of the Webpage for these activities. 

There are numerous organisations that do very good work in assisting the disabled portion of the community, and their work could never be replaced. The Turke Club however, is the value-added partner to these organisations and we focus on enhancing the importance and quality of these people’s lives, by assisting them to participate and enjoy sporting activities. We are always on the lookout for new partners who share the same passion.

We are proud of the individuals and teams we have assisted in the past and excited about our new beneficiaries – Manie Blom, Simone Kruger, Mandilene Hoffman, Von Zeuner Köhne and Emile Burgers. More details and photos to follow as the year progresses, for now please see our beneficiaries and gallery sections on this website for more information.

Join us this year in our quest to improve the visibility of disabled sport.