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Von Zeuner Kohne

One of our beneficiaries that we are very proud of is Von Zeuner (Vonnie) Kohne. The medical term for his disability is Spina Bifida. It is a birth defect which affects his back & legs. Vonnie started the hobby of pistol shooting during the 1990’s and originally participated in the South African Pistol Association competitions against abled bodied
persons. During 1996 he was introduced to shooting for the disabled. Since then he participated in several International shooting events for the disabled. He had the honour of representing South Africa at the 2000 & 2004 Paralympic Games in the Sport pistol (25 meters), Air pistol (10 meters) and Free Pistol (50 meter) events. He is
married to Marthe Marie, who also represented South Africa in table tennis at the 2000 Sidney Paraolympic Games.

In 2015 Vonnie called in the assistance of conditioning coach Alexis Volschenk. The improvement in upper body strength and stability, the hallmarks of a good pistol shooter, has caused Vonnie to improve even more, enabling him
to put in more hours in practice without tiring as well as improve his scores at competition level.

For athletes like Vonnie, trying to compete at the highest level and continuously be in contention for selection for major events like the Olympics, while still studying and building a career, comes at great financial and personal cost. While organisations such as SASCOC support athletes’ competition costs, the daily input costs of staying and competing at international level are carried by the athletes themselves. For those that are not lucky enough to have sponsors to fill this gap, this can be problematic. This is where the Turke comes in.

In 2015 the Turke brought Vonnie into their fold, assisting him at various levels to lessen that financial burden. During the last 2 years the contribution of the Turke by way of ammunition, entry fees and weapon parts has been to the value of R29,238.00.

To everyone’s great satisfaction, Vonnie has recently been chosen to represent South Africa at the next Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016 where he will compete in the P3 Mixed 25m Pistol SH1 event. His build up to Rio 2016 over the past few years has been impressive as his results in the various international events show:


Thailand World Cup.

Bronze medal - Sport pistol 25 meters (see presentation on right)

Africa record - Air pistol 10 meters


World Cup - USA

Obtained a slot from the International Paralympic Organisation to

represent South Africa at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games in the Sport

pistol 25 Meter event.

Word Cup - Australia

Bronze medal - Standard 5 shot Air pistol 10 meter.


World Games – Suhl Germany.

Africa record - 10 meter Air pistol Event.

USA World Cup

Bronze medal - Sport pistol 25 meters

Silver medal - Event: Air Pistol event 10 meter (Africa Record)