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Emile Burgers

I am a 17-year old rising South African sport star and am well on my way in
securing a place in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.
I have been competing nationally and internationally for 10 years and my
family and friends have always raised funds to cover my ever-growing costs
of competing at this level. With the increasing number of international
events I am invited to, I now need to consider alternative funding options.
Although only 17 years old, I am currently ranked 5 th for Javelin in the World

Mandiléne Hoffman

General Information:
Name: Mandilenè Hoffmann
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 2003/08/05
Disability: Born with EZH 2 Overgrowth syndrome (Weaver Syndrome), first diagnosed in
2015 - failed operation on right knee to correct chronic patella dislocation in 2012 when she
was only 8 years old. The operation has damaged her nerves, muscles, growth plate and
patella in her right leg. She has patella displacement in both legs, tilting of her hip to the

Manie Blom

Name: Hermanus Blom
Sex: Male
Age: 33
Disability: Partially sighted
Classification: F12 (IPC)
Height: 1.86m
Weight: 118kg
Secondary education: Matric at CVO Middelburg 2004
Tertiary education: Certified Personal Trainer Specialist 2009
Occupation: Personal Trainer for 7 years
Company: Virgin Active.
Contact details: 072 591 2565 Manie.blom2197@gmail.com


Shot put

Maria Combrinck

Below the knee amputee, love throwing, weights, hiking and diving
Email: maria.meraai@gmail.com


Women’s F44 Shot Put
Nedbank National Championships First Place - Improved African Record
Current IPC Ranking 4th in World

Women’s F44 Discus
Nedbank National Championships First Place
Current IPC Ranking 8th in World

Learn to run clinics in conjunction with my prosthetist

Simoné Kruger

Background of disability:
During the pregnancy Simoné had a stroke, which caused the right side of the body’s muscles to loose its memory to the brain. This resulted that she had to start with rehabilitation to start rebuilding all activities which originates from the right side of the body, due to the fact that the left front of the brain died during the stroke.

From a very early age Simoné show good athletics abilities and with a lot of hard work this improved to world competitive levels.

Von Zeuner Kohne

One of our beneficiaries that we are very proud of is Von Zeuner (Vonnie) Kohne. The medical term for his disability is Spina Bifida. It is a birth defect which affects his back & legs. Vonnie started the hobby of pistol shooting during the 1990’s and originally participated in the South African Pistol Association competitions against abled bodied